Coach and Its Roles

For most of us, coach plays a very special place in our life.

Our sports coach who motivated us to run faster, jump higher, and be fitter.

The education coach (teacher) who taught us what we know

A spiritual coach who helps us keep ourselves centered

You are using NLP everyday!

There is a common misconception that NLP is related only to sales or therapy . It is true that the origins of NLP lie with therapy and eventually the linguistic patterns came to be extremely useful in the realm of sales and personal influence. In fact that is what brought


When we talked about who can become a coach, we talked in length about different temperaments of people who can become a coach. And how you can study to be one or qualify to become a coach with your current knowledge and experience also.

Here I want to talk about…

First of all let me begin by saying that these experiences address a personal opinion of mine and do not reflect the values of Ridhima Dua or other people associated with her.

And I would also get it out right in the beginning that I am extremely grateful to Aaron…

Myth about Mental Health:

The moment we hear the word “Mental” we see an image of screeching wheelchairs on squeaky clean floors, nurses and ward-boys in white clothes pushing the wheelchairs and some administering medicine. And flashes of someone having a breakdown, being restrained by strong men.

The movies we grew up watching have…

Introduction (Issues faced by New Coach):

If you’re reading this article, then you are either a new coach or are planning to become a coach. And I understand you are curious to make this journey as smooth as possible. Fairly so, what is the need to reinvent the wheel? …

Genetic Diseases:

Genetic diseases are those passed on through generations through genes, or hereditary biological material.

One might wonder how it is that at some point in the genealogical tree there was a tweak in the genetic material and some changes got introduced and now you are stuck with an unhelpful condition.

One of the Client’s Example:

“All men are dogs,” Cybil sighed. She was seeking post-divorce counseling as she was having a hard time making sense of what was happening in her world, and adjusting to the new changes in her life.

Her therapist just looked at her. As a marital counselor, he had heard this…

Regret- a powerful weapon

I was watching The Agents of Shield last evening and in Season 4, A.I.D.A, the cybernetic robot, who wants to be a real person and feel real human feelings, creates a whole new world called the Framework and traps her enemies in it.

It is impossible for these people (who…

One of the Client’s Example: (Basis of Rapport Technique)

My friend Shriya asked me to help her out with a unique issue she was facing. She had had one too many difficult clients this month.

“Why is it so difficult to get them to understand what needs to be done?” she asked me.

She had a book by Matshona…

Ridhima Dua

Training Professionals to become an International Coach (App. ITA & NLP Academy) | Only Indian Woman educating coaches to use NEW CODE NLP in coaching

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