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How many times have you read this statement on various self-help websites? And I agree, this is the most used sentence for anyone dealing with mind-work. NLP Certification Online can really help you achieve and change your thinking to really change your life?

Let me give you the perspective of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

I will start by telling you, “why does this field have such a unique name?”

Neuro: Our behavior is ruled by how our brain works. Our brain has these really tiny wire-like structures called neurons, they are important for sending messages across the body and also for storing all the information. The word Neuro in NLP comes from these neurons.

Linguistic: This word means anything to do with language. John Grinder was studying linguistics or the study of language when he decided to collaborate with Richard Bandler and codify NLP. His unique set of skills in linguistics, helped him understand how his models- Erickson, Satir, Perls, and others were using language to bring about change.

Programming: Our brain works from programming, just like a computer. There are some instructions we feed to it every time we learn something new. And it keeps operating from those instructions till we give it new instructions.

So, essentially, NLP works by creating change by changing the programming of the brain, by giving it a new set of instructions. How do we do that? We provide NLP Certification Online which helps you change both language and body.

One event — Different perspectives!

When we change the way we talk, and the way we move our body, whatever gestures we do, then the way the brain processes it also changes.

In fact, when we talk about “the way we talk” it also means the way we talk to ourselves.

You will agree with me when I say that events just occur. But what meaning we make out of it is entire to us. Let me give you an example.

Think about a birthday party you went to as a child. What do you remember? The cake? The balloons? The other kids? What game was played? Gifts? Colors?

Create a narrative of that birthday party and write it down somewhere.

Now find another person who also remembers that birthday party. And ask them to tell you the narrative of how the party went.

You will most likely find a few words that you say commonly, but a lot of words/ sentences that you two say differently. I do not like to generalize, so let me give you my example.

My personal experience

On my 12th birthday, I got my first Fountain Pen, and I felt like an author of a book. Someone very important. I was so proud! I remember the blue dress I wore and the beautiful Chelpark Royal Blue Inkpot it came with. And I remember it was at my Grandfather’s house, which was huge.

I checked this event with my sister and she said,

“You wore that funky blue dress which you wore everywhere afterward. I was 10, so I was very jealous of the pen you got. I was still using pencils at school. I remember mom served Samosas and Gulab Jamuns, which I loved. I ate 3 Gulab Jamuns and felt like a stuffed animal all evening”.

So, from a description point of view, the party was such: There were 5 children at a birthday party at Grandpa Bhake’s house. Mrs. Bhake served cake, samosa, and gulab jamun to the children. The children came at 5 PM, talked to each other, ate, gave gifts, played, and left at 7 PM. The birthday girl got 5 different gifts, A, B, Fountain pen, C, D, & E. There were 10 balloons. 3 kids wore blue and 2 wore red.

Of course, when I asked my mom about that day, she said, “ It was a nice party. You girls talked so much, it was very noisy. But you all looked very pretty and happy. And that was the last time we had your birthday at your Grandpa’s house, so it is a bit sad, too”

These words, Happy, Pretty, Noisy, Sad, Jealous, Funky, Proud, Nice — all these are meanings that my mom, my sister, and I gave to the event. I bet, if we ask my dad, he would bring out yet another meaning to this event.

Inner Voice

So, events are just events. We give meanings to these events.

How far can this go? It goes out almost everywhere!!!

We feel a negative ‘vibe’.

Think ‘positive’ thoughts.

There are ‘positive, cheerful’ people and ‘negative people.

We are advised to stay away from ‘negative’ people and things.

Being taught to be motivated to work against ‘difficult’ circumstances.

Life is ‘hard’.

It is a ‘game’.

Some people have it ‘easy, some have it ‘hard’.

Not only that, it goes inside as well.

I cannot speak well.

Whether I ‘should’ speak?

What will happen if I not?

Am I a failure?

I look fat.

This is my past.

Please take note that I am not trying to minimize anybody’s experience, but showing in ‘quotes’ the part of our dialogue that we have given the meaning to. The event did not come with a meaning.

This is just the language part. The body is in a super-fast, super-active mode, making meanings, and reproducing these meanings at the first chance it gets.


Notice how your heartbeat gets stronger, or weaker, in some situations? And you can say anything, but your eyebrows, your eyes, the color on your face, where your hands sit on your waist, they act in the same way, every time a specific situation happens.

There is a loop that also goes on and on. I feel an emotion in a situation- my body acts in a specific way-I create some meaning out of the situation-I say something related to the meaning. Next time I remember the event, or a similar situation comes up, then I follow the loop from anywhere. Maybe my body acts it that way again, and the brain throws that meaning up, and the words and that brings up the emotion again.

So, it must be clear to you now, that once we break any part of this loop, the sequence changes and something different can happen.

And, that is where we work and teach you the same in NLP Certification Online. We make you change the way you see, hear, feel, say, and act.

When we change an important part of the loop, the loop changes and creates new patterns in the brain. The behavior changes. The way you look at the world changes. The way you look at people changes. Isn’t that just the recipe for changing your life?



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